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Colors specialise in CD Cover Design across the musical spectrum, ranging from classical to blues, contemporary to jazz, rock to country, tv albums, compilations and collections. From concept to final artwork Colors have an excellent track record for delivering quality CD design packaging for all their clients on time, every time.

CD Cover Design - Art Direction - Photography

For over 16 years Colors have been creating original content for the music entertainment industry. Clients include major record companies as well as smaller labels, bands, recording studios, management, and individual artists.

We have a mixture of young talent and experienced designers, well versed in preparing music industry artwork.As well as providing cd cover design artwork for cds, albums, point of sale, posters, presenters, flyers, press packs, dealer mailers, leaflets and t-shirts, we produce retail and consumer press advertising on a regular basis.

Good design should not be compromised in the pursuit of excellence and there is always a solution to even the smallest of budgets. If an artist or band has taken the trouble to put all their heart and soul into making a recording then the least we can do as graphic designers is to put all of our creative energy into providing a graphic interpretation of their work. We have enjoyed working on some high profile releases but we never forget that everyone has to start somewhere.

Some years ago now we worked on a single release for a young aspiring artist who arrived at our studio in his old beaten up ford with the trunk tied up with a piece of string. Despairing at record companies and whether it was all going to work out for him we worked through some ideas and suggestions. Encouragement and several cups of coffee later he left in a much happier frame of mind. So were we a couple of months later. Two singles went straight to No 1, albums, point of sale, posters all followed and the last I heard he has now retired to wherever he lays his hat. I just love that. It can and does still happen. So, to all you aspiring musicians out there keep believing, keep the faith. Strangely enough George, a guy who worked in a clothes shop below us at that time also made a huge name for himself and Boy did he make an impression.

Sometimes I am asked what kind of music releases we most enjoy working on and I always reply- the next one.Classical, blues, rock, country, jazz, folk, musicals, tv albums, compilations, collections - we enjoy them all. Diversity is the mother of invention with cd cover design and working across different genres of music keeps the creative juices flowing. As a graphic designer you can’t ask for much more than that.

How do we work?

First of all we listen. Not surprisingly to the recording - usually we never get to hear it at all before we start the design process. We listen to the brief.

The artist, band or record company may have their own ideas for the cover creative and work with them to flesh out design concepts. Sometimes we don’t have a title to work with or have to come up with one. It really depends upon the type of release and music reportoire. Fundamental questions are asked. What are we trying to achieve with the cover creative and in which market will it be placed? Age group, gender? Is the release competing and fighting for space with similar product titles in the record store? If so frequent visits to check out the competition can identify a way forward with the design.

A tv advertised album is fundamentally different from other types of release - you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression. It sounds silly but if you can’t read the title clearly from across the room it’s history. For a small run release with limited funds it is amazing what can be achieved with a little effort. We produced a design for a singer based upon a snap shot taken on holiday which worked out really well. We generally supply at least 3 initial designs for consideration. Costs are kept to a minimum if all information, track list, lyrics, publishers can be supplied on disc or emailed.

The genre of music generally dictates a design direction and although designers should always look to push back the boundaries the rule of thumb still applies that from the buying publics point of view pop demands irreverence and classics usually demand knowledge and respect. We like nothing better than to dive into photoshop and produce stunning montages but there is always the desire to do the best job we can against the time and budget to achieve it. The bottom line is we love what we do and nothing gives us more pleasure than to see someone browsing through a record store and head straight for one of our cd cover designs - job done.


We work with all the graphic packages to produce cover artwork usually in quarkxpress, illustrator and photoshop and like most designers on high end apple macs. Although we hold many grids supplied by record companies your first port of call if you don’t already have one is to find a printer and cd manufacturer who will be able to supply you with one. Although all cds look the same there are differences. There are many companies offering packages on the web.
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